House Office Shops Removal / Clearance Service In London, St Albans, Hemel Hempstead, Bushey, Luton, Watford

Are you looking for house or office removal? We recognize your needs and our tailor-made packages are crafted to meet your specific requirements. Moving home or office can be a hectic task. If you have a running business, then the idea of relocating it is not without any downtime constraints. You have to consider this factor before you settle down at a new place and open up the doors for your customers.

We understand how valuable time is. We realize your concern to get the business up and running in quick time. We can help you to minimize the downtime by getting things done quickly. We help you to pack your belongings in minimum timeframe, however, maximum care and attention is given to each and every detail.

We ensure that our customers feel satisfied at the end of the day rather than worrying about the safety of their belongings. The task is easier said and even done with no difficulty because we, as professionals, know how to handle a situation. We believe happy customers can only guarantee repeat enquires or more referrals. Our services are reasonably priced with no extra hidden cost. Give us a ring today and ask for free quote for our customized packages.

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Sonic offers competitive rates in terms of storage fee, from short to long term customer, according to their requirements. Since we have alliance with four big storage service providers in UK who has storage across the UK, we can get the maximum benefit for our customers. Also we have our own local storage facilities that will enable us to quote very competitive rates in the market.

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Store pick up facilities are couple with goods handling, insurance as we need to make sure that the customer will be in a safe manner in all aspects.

storpick Associated other services

Are you looking for the expert human resources for any affiliated services? If the answer is yes, Sonic is definitely will be the first and final answer for it.

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Clearance of house or flat is not just a matter of tide up the place, rather to follow up comprehensive process that is covered all health and safety regulations and other relevant environmental and associate laws and regulations to prevent from unexpected consequences for customer and the company as well. Sonic has had past experience in this area and well trained staff.




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The customer can enjoy the value for their money by assigning us as their packaging provider. Further more economical and environmental friendly packaging policy gave us an incredible support to comply with GRI and other accepted reporting framework.

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We always have the solution to get rid of your unwanted but usable furniture and other house hold stuff such as electric and electronic items. We try to make your life easy by taking those items from your door step while you can earn a decent amount of money instead of you pay towards the removal of them.



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